2018 Fair Artists

Alison MorseAlison Morse creates her jewelry using traditional silversmithing techniques working with sterling silver, copper, gemstones and seashells. Inspired by nature and her materials, each piece is individually sawed, filed and soldered at her home studio in Santa Rosa, California. Making jewelry has been Alison's passion since a young age, and she continued to broaden her skills and techniques at Humboldt State University where she studied metalsmithing. She now follows her passion creating handcrafted heirloom treasures that inspire and celebrate the natural world. You can find her at her website or her etsy site.

Arlene RobertsonArlene Robertson - Ahhhh! It’s rum cake time again! One of the richest and most delicious treats of the holiday season. Get there early for a little slice of heaven.

Berkov DesignsBrett Crawford has been working at the potter’s wheel for almost 30 years, recently shifting his attention from teaching wheel throwing to focusing on his own creations. Brett specializes in creating decorative ceramic forms with natural curves and dramatic finishing glazes. All of his work is created at the Wheelhouse in Mill Valley. You can find see more of Brett’s work on his website: www.crawfordceramics.com.

Berkov DesignsBerkov Designs is a collaboration between father Christopher Berkov, and daughter Melina Berkov-Rojas, jewelers and bay area natives. Chris has been a musician, guitar-maker and craftsman for over 45 years. Inspired by the natural world, his original hand-cast designs are unique adornments featuring 14 karat gold, paired with opals and a variety of precious gems. Melina studied visual arts at Sarah Lawrence College, has worked in the TV/Film industry for 15 years, and has been making jewelry for over 8. Her designs reflect innovative flare through contemporary styles, and feature sterling silver, semi-precious, and precious gems and stones. They are excited to be a part of the Muir Beach arts fair again this year. To see more of their work, visit www.berkovdesigns.com.

Chelsea AnderssonChelsea Andersson is a Landscape Architect and designer with a love of miniatures and all things crafty. Hoping to bring the joy of creativity to others, Chelsea created the Simplekit product line. Simplekits are modern miniature dollhouses and dollhouse furnishings that are fun to assemble, easy to work with, and made right in Mill Valley. They are the perfect gift for a DIY fanatic and a great way to dream big while creating small. See her latest work at www.Chelseamakes.com

Craig EichenbaumCraig Eichenbaum learned his stone lithography from Kenji Nanau at Cal State Hayward from 1973-1980. In 1980 he acquired the litho press, stones integral to the lithographic process. Since then he has been creating images on those stones and printing from the stones producing small limited editions. He has been recognized by the Marin County Fair and is fortunate to be a resident of Muir Beach for the past 15 years.

Flannery CroninFlannery Cronin is Brooklyn based. As Friend of All she creates handmade, often one of a kind, stained glass light fixtures and lamps. She offers a collection of tabletop  and hanging pendant lights. Each is sold ready to go with a light bulb and all the hardware needed to go home and enjoy your new treasure right away! Find her at www.friend-of-all.com.

Debra AllenDebra Allen, our local Muir Beach Realtor, returns this year with crafts inspired by her beach combing finds, including: Muir Beach ornament trees (pictured), greeting cards + gift tags and her popular driftwood spheres.

Guy MooreGuy Moore has been a lamp work glassblower for nearly 50 years. As a teenager he was invited to be the first demonstrating glass worker at the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire of the 1960s in Los Angeles. Over the years between life and art he traveled to 40 countries which created a growing appreciation in handcraft, and a deep desire to see where he can take his delightfully minimalist approach to glassblowing. For him it’s a journey to see the magical pieces that can be made at 3000 degrees in a life-long search for the perfect bottle…amongst other things. You can find him at www.YePellucidWares.com or www.facebook.com/Ye Pellucid Wares.

Hannah EmilleHanna Emille is an eponymous brand by Hannah Tatar. Hailing from Cleveland (a secretly cool Midwestern city), she currently lives and works in San Francisco. Hanna Emille celebrates heartfelt, handmade leather goods and accessories that are meant to be used and loved. You can find her work on her website.

InaIna of Jewelry by Ina combines modern designs with inspiration she finds in nature, especially in plant and marine life. Simple organic and geometric shapes are translated into wearable art through the process of hand fabrication. She uses a variety of traditional metalsmithing techniques such as soldering, fusing, forging, forming and roller printing. www.jewelrybyina.com.

Janet Tumpich MooreJanet Tumpich Moore creates pendants, dangles and whimsical art of sea glass, beads, crystals and more. Her pendants are wrapped in sterling and copper wire and her dangles are strung with an eye towards creating a unique art piece for any home. Can’t you see these beautiful creations catching the light in your own home?

Jennifer TerraJennifer Terra created her first bracelets sitting on Muir Beach watching her son learn to catch a wave at summer surf camp. What began as a playful craft week became a passion for making: she now creates a range of bracelet designs using semi-precious stones, glass, ceramic, wooden, silver and lava essential oil beads. Jennifer is also a mother, junior high school teacher, Master Reiki practitioner, and nationally recognized diversity training educator. She draws upon these diverse aspects of her life from spirituality to sports when creating her designs.

Joan BeavinJoan Beavin; "My glass beads are made on a propane-oxygen torch, and kiln annealed, for durability. They are then made into jewelry or used as handles on utensils, desk sets, wine stoppers, and the like. I consider what I do, painting with molten glass." See Joan's work at www.jewelsbyjoan.com.

Johnny SutterJohnny Sutter began working with leather as a child, learning the skill from his father, Henry William Tell Sutter. A musician at heart and advertiser in career, he turned his hobby into an avenue to express his creativity in a simplistic manner, using full-grain leather to hand make products that are designed to last. "There's something very simplistic and raw about making Things out of leather, taking it from a living creature to something that is beautiful that you can wear," Sutter said. "I know they're going to have it for a long time."

Julie SmithJulie Smith’s marmalades, jellies, chutneys, spreads and baked goodies are perfect for your holiday stocking stuffers, office and hostess gifts. Fans of her holiday breads and spreads will have to get up early for the best selections. As always tasting is involved!

Kasey CorbitKasey Corbit shows her love of the natural beauty of this area by creating handmade jewelry with a simple elegance from sand dollars found on local beaches. Her family also makes both plain and flavored sea salts from locally sourced items which also will be available.

Leslie Riehl, Tayeko Jaufman, Marilyn StilesLeslie Riehl, Tayeko Kaufman, and Marilyn Stiles (all award-winning artists) have created mixed media dolls. The collaboration between Marilyn (clay heads, feet and hands), Leslie Riehl and Tayeko Kaufman (costume design and execution) has evolved as they have worked together over the past year. The dolls are a personification of local critters, like this Fox News as well as others including a raccoon, lizard, bunny and raven all of which capture the imagination of those who see them.

Leslie SegedyLesley Segedy has enjoyed a close working relationship with beeswax since the 1980s. Her beautiful hand-rolled candles reflect light in the many facets of their honeycomb as the pure beeswax burns with the brightest flame with no smoke or drip. Using organic domestic beeswax and eco-dyes she's created a whimsical assortment of solid options from artichokes to Venus … and everything in between.

Luke GarrisonLuke Garrison grew up in Mill Valley and developed his skills mostly by watching YouTube videos. He built his own pedal-powered lathe, and forged the unique chisels needed for that type of turning. He also has an electric-powered lathe that allows him greater scope. All the wood he uses has been salvaged from wood chipping lots in & around Marin. He hand-carves his spoons using only a hand-forged curved knife. He uses all sorts of materials such as crushed sea-glass, coffee grounds, and key shavings to enhance the natural cracks in the wood. And some pens are made from corncobs that he grew on an organic farm. See his work on: instagram.com/lukesnaturals or facebook.com/lukesnaturals.

LuWan Duma LuWan Duma teaches kids and adults how to weave with a kit containing a small board loom that makes a small purse or bag to carry a cell phone and other small items. A small 12” x 12” standing tabletop loom is available to create a wall hanging or tapestry. The legs fold in for easy transport. Both looms are complete with yarn, needles, and instructions. Join LuWan and share the fun of making and creating.

Marilyn HostMarilynn Host is a 2 & 3-D mixed media artist. This picture is of one her gourd birds with wire for tails and headdresses. Marilynn will take a funny looking gourd and transform it into something pretty wonderful using metallic paint, or paper-mache and paper, or placing a found object with it. Birds are only one of the fun, whimsical critters she creates all of which bring about a smile. So, you will see cats or crows on wheels, birds or pigs with glasses, and other flying critters… you will fall in love with them all.

Marilyn StilesMarilyn Stiles, Tayeko Kaufman and Leslie Riehl have created mixed media dolls. The collaboration between potter Marilyn (clay heads, feet and hands) and Leslie Riehl and Tayeko Kaufman (costume design and execution) evolved from a class Leslie and Tayeko participated in last summer. The dolls are a personification of local critters, like this pig, as well as a raccoon, lizard, bunny and raven into human form.

Melinda MooreMelinda Moore paints from nature… both landscapes and the winged creatures that dwell therein. Her birds, land and seascapes and figures reflect her joy in the impression of her subjects rather than their truer representative form. Her use of oils, water mixable oils, charcoal, pencil and a variety of other mediums reveal her interest in the surface of the work as well as the finished work itself.

Muir Beach Garden ClubMuir Beach Garden Club. Their selection of evergreen, herbal and succulent wreaths are always a sell out. Don’t miss their beautiful bird cages or their succulent gardens which are a sure-fire addition to anyone’s home.

Muir Beach QuiltersMuir Beach Quilters return in their new booth at the Muir Beach Holiday Arts Fair with fabulous knitted items, potholders, pillows, crib quilts, art quilts for the wall and for your lap… and there will be other surprises for your gift-giving as well.

MBVFAThe Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Association is front and center, so pick up your favorite item printed with the popular Muir Beach dog logo...T-shirts, hoodies, yoga wear, ball caps, aprons, mugs, and vests. Tees for tots and other children’s clothing are also on sale...start ‘em young!

Nina VincentNina Vincent learned to crochet in Todos Santos, Guatemala and has been making colorful hats for the Muir Beach Quilters Fair for years. Her debut novel Sliding Into Home is a coming of age story for all ages about race, adoption and divorce. Recently she has taken up painting and finds that bright colors in any form inspire her. For more about Sliding Into Home go to www.slidingintohomethebook.com.

Pam RossPam Ross One day, at a yard sale, I found a spectacular old nozzle for a garden hose. As I picked it up, a voice inside my head said "I can make a rattle out of this". The idea was born with unlimited possibilities! I love searching for unusual objects to repurpose and transform into rattles for music, ceremony, gifts or whimsy. My life has taken many turns on a winding road through hills and valleys. Now I have opened my life to this journey because it fills me with satisfaction and joy. My hands have always done healing work and now, with an artistic flare, they are making these gems for you. You can find many of my rattles at www.rattlemedicine.com.

Rod OatesRod Oates has been working with wood since 1969. He was mentored by the late Mr. Welch in junior high school and continued on since. Rod works with primarily recycled-reclaimed hardwoods. Each creation is unique in style and wood selection. The dual role of utility and art are a welcome addition to any kitchen. His website is WWW.RODSWOODSHOP.ORG.

Sasha MosalovSasha Mosalov was raised in Moscow, and began bookbinding in the early '80s during an era when a large number of literary classics were banned in the Soviet Union. After 35 years in the industry, Sasha's works have been featured in galleries, commissioned for popular life-cycle events, exhibited at premier craft shows, and displayed throughout homes across the world. You can find his latest work and order custom made designs on his site: www.bookdestiny.com.

Sharon CarySharon Cary believes everyone needs a touch of silly in their life... but we need to be practical too. I fell in love with clay in college, but life got in the way and it was many years later before I could pursue classes and start the long journey into what has become my passion. Almost everything is meant to be functional… the Crazy Critters to be salt & pepper shakers … dishes and other ceramic pieces made of leaves inspired by nature are all functional as well as adding a bit of whimsical beauty to your home. You can find her work at www.scarypotter.com.

Siena KleinSeventh grader Siena Klein has been making Malas and other jewelry since 2015 when she became very ill and her doctor/healer mother, Lissa Rankin, taught her to make malas as a part of her healing journey. She took to mala-making naturally, so while in Australia with her mother, she was blessed to experience a bead making apprenticeship with Australian jeweler Ami Ben Hur, whose passion is for sacred jewelry. Siena loves learning about the sacred characteristics of the materials she works with, tuning into the vibrations of the stones and gems she uses and crafting them into beautiful, wearable, meaningful, spirit-infused art.

Suzanne MillerSuzanne Miller returns this year with more decorated trees and different varieties of centerpieces. She will also be including hanging wreaths and, of course, more ornaments.

Tayeko Kaufman, Marilyn StilesTayeko Kaufman, Leslie Riehl, and Marilyn Stiles (all award-winning artists) have created mixed media dolls. The collaboration between Marilyn (clay heads, feet and hands), Leslie Riehl and Tayeko Kaufman (costume design and execution) has evolved as they have worked together over the past year. The dolls are a personification of local critters, like this Don Quixote as well as others including a raccoon, lizard, bunny and raven all of which capture the imagination of those who see them.

Tom HaddyThomas Haddy, born and raised in Nevada County California, has a background in mural painting and stone sculpture. He started turning stone at the age of 55 and soon found himself in galleries and doing art shows. Each of his one of a kind vessels starts as large piece of rock which he cuts with a chain saw, then into circles and finally turns the stone slowly on a lathe. Thomas’ work includes stone of alabaster, soapstone, talc, and various others from California, Utah, Nevada among locations.Thomas has been especially inspired by his high school art teacher, mentor, and friend Jack Richardson, who has guided Thomas in the art of stone turning. You can find his work on his website: www.thomashaddystoneturning.com.

Tom SolteszTom Soltesz has been a Marin County Artist for over 30 years. He is a member of the California Art Club, and the environmental BayWood Artists. He competes in plein air events, teaches plein air painting and is represented by 3 galleries in California. Visit Tom's website: www.solteszArt.com.

Virginie ManichonOk Virginie Manichon is the creator of Bizibots. Bizibots is a line of wooden robot kits. They are fun to assemble and play with. With 30-50 parts connected by bungee cords, they can be positioned in a multitude of ways. Cut from solid maple and birch ply, each bot has a unique R.I.N (Robot Identification Number) and they are made here in San Francisco.

Yaira UrbanYaira Urban, Originally from Canada, grew up in Toronto, where she created her first handmade crafts and jewelry over three decades ago. After joining the weekly beading circle at the Native Canadian Centre in the early 1990's, she became hooked on designing and weaving intricate beadwork. Always inspired to learn new art and craft techniques, Yaira completed courses in various mediums at George Brown College and the Art Gallery of Ontario. In addition to beadwork, she is forever intrigued with basketry and crochet. Yaira's work is largely inspired by nature, as well as the art and culture of Native America, the Middle East and the African Diaspora. www.etsy.com/shop/StudioYHandmade or www.instagram.com/studioy.handmade.