2022 Fair Artists

Bea LittlerBea Littler has been creating a plethora unique decorations from driftwood and distilling the essence of Muir Beach into her famous spritzers, as well as contributing to the wonderful finds to be found at the family DeAngulo Store.

Becky CarrollBecky Carroll works mainly in the metal arts. Seen here, her heart is made of salvaged metal and nails and wood.

Bethany VillereBethany, Misha and Lola Villere. Lola is in the fifth grade at Ross school. She loves dogs, horses and swimming…and hunting for treasures with her granny. The adult Villeres, Bethany & Misha, are offering baked goods for the adults. They all make for the most memorable gifts.

Claire LefflerClaire Leffler explains: This body of work explores 3D printed clay as a technique to push material boundaries and create texture. Physical adjustments of speed and extrusion during the printing process can create irregularities and find material limits. Digitally fabricated extrusions are further manipulated by hand to create a range of tactile vessels. Glazes made from scratch preserve fragility and enhance texture in new ways. Using both the hand and the machine creates opportunities for craft and precision by combining both old and new techniques in ceramics.

Corinna FieldenCorinna Fielden is an Oakland raised and based decorative artist, focusing on textile arts and floral design. She deeply values the quality and process of hand-made products and the rich hues of nature, drawing inspiration from historical ornamentation and her work as a floral designer. Her beaded floral pendants are made of dried flowers, beautiful beads and gemstones, bringing a peaceful, positive energy to a space. Corinna also has these available as kits so you can enjoy this meditative activity and make a floral pendant of your own! You can find Corinna’s beaded floral pendants and silk bandanas on her website www.seefielden.com or on instagram @seefielden. 

Craig EichenbaumCraig Eichenbaum learned his stone lithography from Kenji Nanau at Cal State Hayward from 1973-1980. In 1980 he acquired the litho press, stones integral to the lithographic process. Since then he has been creating images on those stones and printing from the stones producing small limited editions. He has been recognized by the Marin County Fair and is fortunate to be a resident of Muir Beach for the past 15 years.

Debra AllenDebra Allen, our local Muir Beach Realtor, will be joining us again this year. She recycles her beachcombing finds into items she uses mostly for home staging. The photos of these finished pieces become gift tags. She'll also have beach-themed ornaments & strands, shell & driftwood spheres, decoupage wood signs & boxes...Throughout the year, you can buy some of her pieces (including Valentine cards and Halloween potion jars) at a wonderful consignment store in Sausalito

Ellen LitwillerEllen Litwiller works in a verity of painting mediums, this year at the fair she will have simple cards for all occasions available. Using recycled original illustrations and printed on recycled paper. She also works as a muralist, illustrator, model maker and prepares and installs anything that needs to go into an exhibit in natural history museums. Her solo shows and residencies have been focused on the observation and appreciation of the complex and graceful structures of every thing on this planet and beyond. You can see some of her work here.

Emily CarrollEmily Carroll - I work in different materials: water color, gouache, acrylic, encaustics, pastel, pencil, wood block prints, and ceramics sculpture. Along with my sisters, Becky and Lala Carroll, we are having fun sharing our different visions.

Evie LittlerEvie Littler has been making an abundance of fun toys and distilling the essence of Muir Beach into her famous spritzers as well as contributing to the wonderful finds to be found at the family DeAngulo Store. 

Florence BuchenrothFlorence Buchenroth – A longtime resident of the Carmel-Monterey Coastal area specializing in Plein Aire seascapes.  She is also an experienced fine art quilter. Contact Florence for information.

Hilary GrossHilary Gross was born and raised in Muir Beach, now married to a Transylvania, Romanian, she discovered it is common in Transylvania for traditional medicine to be accompanied by herbal remedies. So, she developed a line of stress-busting floral-embellished essential oil aromatherapy candles and herbal heating/cooling wraps for weary bones. She is also an animal chiropractor and she and Sharon C. have also developed several functional accessories, treats, and toys for your beloved fur-babies. For more information, please visit Bucurabio.

Hilary SandersHilary Sanders is a jewelry designer based in Oakland. She works primarily in sterling silver and bronze, and makes work that is inspired by natural forms like plants, insects and rock formations. An avid doodler and picture taker, jewelry has always been the ideal way to give substance to observations of the natural world.

Jacqueline LudersJacqueline Luders - A seamstress designing and producing kids clothing to change how we consume. One pair of pants to last for years!

Janet Tumpich-MooreJanet Tumpich-Moore creates whimsical art of glass and crystal creating unique mosaics, ornaments, dongles, and stitch marker gifts.

Jill HamiltonJill Hamilton features original landscape paintings capturing the beauty of coastal, woodlands and farmland settings. Jill's approach to her craft blends her outdoor passions with a clear love of the beauty of the landscape. A hiker, angler, camper - Jill finds herself at home with the settings that ultimately translate her imagination to canvas.  Her recent series of oil paintings are based on Marin landscapes with an emphasis on Muir Beach. See Jill's artwork here.

Joan SchwartzJoan Schwartz introduced Maddy’s Kat Mats only two years ago. Joan crochets each mat with the result being a variety of colors and expressions. Originally a painter, ceramic artist, knitter, crocheter, baker and Special Education teacher, she is now quasi retired but consumed crocheting “Maddy’s Kat Mats” for your kitty’s special place to nap. Ask her about the name for these mats when you see her!

Joshua LudersJoshua Luders - Drawings that capture the fringe components of nature for humanity’s reflection. Lovely hand crafted, one-of-a-kind decorations. Embracing the true meaning of the holidays with their simplistic beauty. 

Kasey CorbitKasey Corbit. Muir Beach Salt & Spice was born of a deep love for and inspiration from the natural wonder and beauty of this landscape. Our family makes treats and specialty items derived from local ingredients or inspired by them, including sea salt, chocolate truffles, and redwood tip tea.

Lala CarrollLala Carroll loves creating ornaments from found objects. These are drift wood wrapped in yarn, with threads, beads, bells and recycled plastics.

Leslie RiehlLeslie Riehl returns to the fair, branching out with a variety of quilts, pillows and other fabric art pieces.

Lola VillereLola Villere is in the fifth grade at Ross school. She loves dogs, horses and swimming. And she loves hunting for treasures with her granny. She makes one of a kind children’s jewelry.

Mira KleinMira Klein is a junior at Tamalpais high-school. I have been making jewelry since 2015 when I had a chance to visit Australia and learn how to hand knot jewelry and work with gem stones from my mother and jeweler Ami Ben Hur. My mother mentored me on how to create beautiful and meaningful pieces, and I worked with my father to make a small jewelry business on Etsy. I have been learning and playing with this form of art along with others for many years now, and I hope that some of my pieces can be a lovely gift, a meaningful accessory, or at least make you smile :) If you want to check out my work virtually, you can visit HandMadeBySiena on Etsy!

Olivia Carroll-WeiselOlivia Carroll-Weisel  creates assorted pottery and ceramic beads with itty bitty messages on them.

Rich GreeneRich Greene’s new children’s book, EleFUNNIES and UniCORNIES, is designed to help young children develop reading, counting, alphabet and memory skills, containing animal riddles from A to Z. As you can see from the title, the book is infused with a sense of humor. Having already received many great reviews from teachers, stores and purchasers, it is a perfect book for a parent, grand parent, or any relative or friend to read to (or with) a young child. Enjoy!!!

Sasha MosalovSasha Mosalov - Welcome to BookDestiny, the place where unique memorabilia is created and each design is one-of-a-kind and handmade. Here you will find leather bound photo albums, journals, and sketch books as well as leather envelopes and paste paper framed collages. Our motto is “Judge my Book by its Cover,'' and we believe that what is created at BookDestiny has been inspiring to our clients for their own creativity and cherished by them as family heirlooms. Visit BookDestiny.

Sharon C.Sharon C. had been a long-time resident of Muir Beach, making all of the drapes and cushions for the Pelican Inn, Mountain Home Inn, Cavallo Point, etc. Sharon currently resides in Bodega Bay where she provides custom slipcovers and more for local businesses and residents, while running her seaside shop, Coastal Treasures. She handmakes various coastal-themed from baby gifts, like crib mobiles, clothing, and spa accessories like sleeping masks and towel wraps, to pet gifts like leashes/collars, beds, and accessories. For more information, please visit her Website.

Simran OmerSimran Omer The majority of the pieces have a sculptural appearance and are created utilizing the 3D printed clay technique. In order to create these forms, I love playing with textures and pushing the boundaries of the machine. Some use both hand and 3D clay printing as a blend of media. Each piece is individually made with great attention to detail. These items include vases, bowls, trays, cups, and diffusers, some of which have several uses.

Tom SolteszTom Soltesz is a resident of Marin for almost 40 years and has been painting the landscape for such organizations as Marinscapes, MALT, Ranches and Rolling hills, The Baywood Group of environmental artists, the California Art Club, and Oil painters of America. I am represented by two galleries in California and one in Hawaii. My art has been collected by corporations and individuals across the US and abroad. I have also been published in a number of books and magazines. More of my work can be seen on my website.

Muir Beach QuiltersMuir Beach Quilters return in their new booth at the Muir Beach Holiday Arts Fair with fabulous knitted items, potholders, pillows, crib quilts, art quilts for the wall and for your lap… and there will be other surprises for your gift-giving as well.

Muir Beach Garden ClubMuir Beach Garden Club. Their selection of evergreen, herbal and succulent wreaths are always a sell out. Don’t miss their beautiful garlands or their miniature succulent gardens which are a sure-fire addition to anyone’s home.

MBVFAMuir Beach Volunteer Firemens Association - Come by the Muir Beach Volunteer Fire Department (MBVFD) booth and support their goal of building a new firehouse while you holiday shop for your friends and family! The iconic doggy logo will be featured on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, baby wear, stainless steel drinkware & more and available for purchase.

Junior ArtisansJunior Artisans - The Muir Beach Community has always encouraged creativity in the young people who are lucky enough to grow up here. Be sure to see what they've been making recently!

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